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star wars villains meme: [3/9] scenes ⬦ Vader force chokes Motti

“This felt, frankly, like an act of workplace proselytization. Again, I have no objection whatever to Lord Vader’s private faith. It must, however, be pointed out that at present the number of planets destroyed solely by the unaided power of the Force is zero. The number of planets destroyed by the power of the Death Star is one. The number of days the Death Star has been fully operational is also one.

Whatever conclusions you ultimately draw about the incident taking place between myself and Lord Vader during yesterday morning’s briefing, he was wrong, and trying to crush someone else’s windpipe doesn’t make you any less wrong, if you’re wrong to begin with. Which he was. I do not concede the argument.

                                                                                 —Admiral Motti, “An Incident Report”

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